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Fashion is much more than just about what we wear. It is much more than the latest trend and where to buy it. As a fashion historian with a background in Art History, Ethnology and Economic History, have I for a very long time looked at fashion in a context. I have made connections with architecture, the design of furniture and cars. It is not that far-fetched as it may sound. The made alterations at Chateau de Versailles ourside Paris as ladies fashion changed.


In May 14-16 2007, Oslo University College arranged the conference Dressing Rooms Current Perspectives on Fashion and Textiles.The conference showed very clearly the width of the topics 'fashion' and 'textiles'. The main themes of the conference were as follows * Materiality and Technology * Clothes, Fashion and Textile Journalism * Visualisations of Clothes, Fashion and Textile, and finally * Environment and Ethics.


We had a panel discussion on the topic 'Fashion Journalism Good or Bad?'. What is 'good' and what is 'bad'? in fashion journalism? I went home and started to browse the Internet for what fashion editors write, what is hot, what bloggers write about. I had a look in fashion magazines too. Then I decided to create my own blog FashionTalkEverythingAbout. I believe their is a need for my blog. You can read and comment on 'hoodies', 'if the way of dressing can have an impact in court, Cosplay, Toxic clothes and much more. My aim is to write in the blog every day about something I have heard or read about. Fashion talk is not isolated to the latest trend, where to buy and what celebrities wear. Please visit my blog. It would be great if you left a comment.

I was proud to present my paper 'An Attempt To Improve the Construction of Guns That Changed the World of Women's Fashion' at the conference. In short the paper was about how Henry Bessemer's 'Bessemer process', an attempt to improve the construction of guns by making steel out of pig iron, had an huge impact on ladies fashion. If you want to know more please contact me and you can book me for a talk.

Previous papers I have written includes: * A documentation of fashion house Atelier Chic in Lund Sweden on commission from Kulturen Museum in Lund in Sweden, * The presentation of Dior's 'New Look' to England, * a documentation of three Austrian/German 'Goldhauben' (golden ladies hats).


I am a keen photographer. It makes a great complement to my research of objects. Please visit my album at Flickr


Please contact me for quotes. I am open for lectures, after-dinner talk, research, talk (not necessary after dinner).

Independent Fashion Researcher

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